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Refund Policy 2017-2018

Situation 1

Student accepts an offer of a place and pays fees and then informs the College before the commencement of classes that s/he is not going to take up their place.

Refund: Full amount of fees paid

Situation 2

Student accepts an offer of a place and pays fees and having commenced the course, informs the College before 01 October 2017 that s/he is not proceeding with their participation.

Refund: Fees paid less €50 from Student Services payment.
• Less cost of any uniforms, kits, courses, etc., that have been ordered/given to the student as a requirement for the course.
• Less any examination fees that have been paid by the student for external examination bodies, if those fees have been remitted to that body.

Situation 3

Student, having accepted a place and commenced on course, decides to leave after 01 October 2017.

No Refund: except for any external examination fees that have not already been paid to any external examining body.

Situation 4

Student, having secured a place on a self-financing course then withdraws from that course after course commencement.

No Refund: self-financing courses can only run under a specified student number. If a self-financing course has commenced the student is not entitled to a refund as their place would have determined course commencement. Any such fees would have been paid to finance the course directly.

Important Notes:

If you terminate your place on a course, you are required to return your Student ID card in order to receive your refund. The Student ID Card is the property of the College and refunds will not be issued under any circumstances without returning your card.

*  All requests for refunds must be made in writing and addressed to the Admissions Officer, CSN College of FE, Tramore Road, Cork.

*  Refunds may take up to 3 weeks to receive as they are processed through our Head Office in the Cork Education and Training Board.

*  Students are only entitled to a refund of the QQI and PLC fee if they hold a full medical card in their own name.

*  The cut off point for the medical card refund is the last TEACHING DAY OF SEPTEMBER, i.e., September 29th 2017.