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Study and Learning Support

What type of support is provided?

You can receive help in the following areas:

  • General Assignments
  • IT
  • Maths
  • Business /   Accounting 
  • Communications / Journal writing
  • Science/Anatomy & Physiology / Psychology / Nutrition
  • Work Experience
  • Politics
  • Event Management
  • Organisational Skills

How do I go about getting study support?

You can make contact by doing any of the following:

  • Email your Course Director
  • Email a Guidance Counsellor Siobhan Daly Jim O'Connell
  • Just call into Room 218 and the teacher there may be able to help you.
  • Call into Room 218 and make an appointment. There is an appointment book where you can leave your name, number or email address.

Where is Room 218?

It is located near the canteen (near exit with sliding door). The number is on the door.

How long do the study sessions last?

  • This is a flexible service
  • Study support sessions may run for 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the individual need of the student.
  • Students may access study support for 
    • one to five sessions
    • a term or 
    • throughout the year if needed.
  • Study support can be provided on 
    • one to one basis or 
    • in small groups.

Will the study session clash with my regular classes?

  • Attendance is arranged by appointment at a time convenient to both the student and the study support tutor, within the timetable that is available.                 


If you do not qualify for disability but require assistance with any of the following:

  • Completing assignments
  • Researching projects
  • Revising difficult topics
  • Exam techniques

Contact the Study Support Service through:

  • the study support facilitator Eleanor Hession
  • our guidance counsellors Siobhan Daly and Jim O Connell 
  • your teachers or course director.

Check posters in the college for times and rooms.

Websites and Links for Study Tips and Learning Support
This is a leading study skills website with free study tips, downloads and advice. It is highly recommended.

Subsections Of This Website Include The Following: 

  •  study skills –gives practical advice to help you study more effectively. Palgrave -provides study skills audio downloads.
  • Mature Students
    This handbook gives excellent advice for the mature student. A guide to writing assignments, activities and time management
    The Open University provides open access to some of its study skills resources. It supports students with the following:
    • Assignments,
    • Revision and examinations,
    • Core skills e g. grammar, punctuation
    • Ongoing skills e. g. Note taking, Organisation, Time management.
    • Downloadable Study Skills booklets.
    This site offers assistance with grammar and punctuation.
    This is a multi-sensory, interactive website providing guidance on reading
    and writing skills.
  • –Association for the Higher Education Access& Disability.
    This website has a section on study skills and some good links.
    Student  Learning  Development  (SLD)  Trinity College Dublin.
    This site deals with study skills needing improvement by all learners such as: memory, learning styles note taking, essay writing.
  • - a new website for students with dyslexia.

Study Support Timetable

The 'Study Support' timetable for 2017-2018 is now available.  All sessions are in Room 218 unless otherwsie stated. If you wish to avail of this service, please note there is no obligation to commit to the full hour. Call for 10/15 minutes if that is all you need, our teaching staff will be very happy to help you.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9-10   Michelle Buckley

Wendy Keenan
(Room 202)
Joe Hartnett Aisling Roche

Vincent O'Brien
(Room 202)
10-11   Denise Ryan      
11-12 Karen McGrath Lucy Phelan Ray O'Connor   Joe Hartnett
12-1 Yvonne Crowley
(Room 215)
Eleanor Hession Sharon Murphy Jacqueline Kearney Michelle Buckley
2-3     Karen McGrath   --
3-4 Eddie Fleming Stefanie Dinkelbach   Lucy Phelan --


For course specific queries, students should consult the table below to check for the designated teacher assigned to their class.

Course Course Director Support Teacher Timeslot Room
Access to Cultural & Heritage Studies Tim Murphy Michelle Buckley 9-10am Tues 218
Access to Social Studies Eleanor Hession Joe Hartnett 9-10am Weds 218
Acting for Stage & Screen Jon Whitty Sharon Murphy 12-1pm Weds 218
Applied Biology - Food, Health & Nutrition Mary Grufferty Mary Grufferty 4-5pm Mon 218
Applied Science- Laboratory Techniques Yvonne Crowley Mary Grufferty 4-5pm Mon 218
Art Craft & Design Lucy Phelan Lucy Phelan 3-4pm Thurs    218
Business Studies 1 Siobhan McCarthy Michelle Buckley 9-10am Tues 218
Busienss Studies 1 (Law & Politics) Michelle Buckley Sharon Murphy 12-1pm Weds 218
Business Studies 2 Vincent O'Brien Michelle Buckley 9-10am Tues 218
Carpentry Fergus O'Donoghue Wendy Keenan 9-10am Tues 202
Coaching & Physical Education 1 Derek Scanlon Joe Hartnett 11am-12pm Fri 218
Coaching & Physical Education 2 Derek Scanlon Derek Scanlon 9-10am Tues 310
Cultural & Heritage Studies Shane Lehane Ed Fleming 3-4pm Mon 218
Radio Broadcasting 1 Peter O'Neill Peter O'Neill 9-10am Tues 220
Radio Broadcasting 2 Peter O'Neill Peter O'Neill 9-10am Tues 220
Digital Media 1 Andrea Halpin Andrea Halpin 3-4pm Thurs 121
Emergency Services Sharon Murphy Ed Eleming 3-4pm Mon 218
Equestrian Studies Sinead Vallely Sharon Murphy 12-1pm Weds 218
Furniture Design & Making 1 Fergus Somers Vicky Walsh 1-2pm Weds 117
Furniture Design & Making 2 Fergus Somers Wendy Keenan 9-10am Tues 202
GAA Coaching John Cunningham Ed Eleming 3-4pm Mon 218
Greenkeeping & Sportturf Management Daniel Crowley Joe Hartnett 9-10am Weds 218
Horticulture 1 and 2 Daniel Crowley Joe Hartnett 9-10am Weds 218
Journalism for the Digital Age Jon Whitty Sharon Murphy 12-1pm Weds 218
Leisure and Recreation Studies Wendy Keenan Sharon Murphy 12-1pm Weds 218
Social Studies 1 Ed Fleming Ed Fleming 3-4pm Mon 218
Social Studies 2 Ed Fleming Joe Hartnett 11am-12pm Fri 218
Software Development Pending Michelle Buckley 9-10am Tues 218
Sports Exercise & Performance Carol Neenan Wendy Keenan 9-10am Tues 202
Sport Injuries & Therapy Orla Powell Joe Hartnett 9-10am Weds 218
Sports Nutrition Katie Finucane Wendy Keenan 9-10am Tues 202