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CSN Level 6 Art Students End of Year Exhibiton

CSN Art 2 course exhibition poster 2021

Restricted Elements

Introduction to Restricted Elements

The elements of art define the primary visual components of shape, line, colour, form, texture and value. When construed through a lens of confinement, isolation and constraint, these elements ultimately become restricted. Restricted Elements celebrates the interdisciplinary collaboration of CSN’s level 6 class as they explore the effects of the past year through their artwork in their own unique, individual narratives. 

Shape. The changes in the last year have dramatically shaped our reality and our subsequent perception of it. Line. It has become ever more difficult to draw the line between work and play, private and public, fiction and reality. Colour. The grey areas which now loom in-between our current lives have drivenus to revert to colour within the mundane. Form. We, as artists,have been forced to look outside our windows, within our homesand even in the mirror for inspiration. Space. In our confinement we are confronted with new forms of process, material and method. Texture. The experience of working from home exposes a distinctively raw and visceral sense of reality through the artwork, unlike many works we’ve seen or made before. Value. The value of art and the value of making has become all the more precious in reaction to such restriction, making for an exhibition equally engaging and unique in form. 

You have two ways to experience the exhibition

1. You can experience the exhibition in this virtual space that you can click through to explore in detail (note this is not available for mobile devices)

To view at a larger size, just follow this link, or copy and paste this address into your browser

2. Watch a walk-through on YouTube

CSN Art 2 course exhibition poster 2021

Students talk about their work and their time on the course

Lara Quinn talks about her experience at CSN and what influences her art.

Aoife O'Shea, talks about her work and about studying at CSN.

Brian Moynihan discusses what led him to study Art at CSN and how his art skills and knowledge have developed.