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CSN Music Graduate Story: Jo Linehan

CSN Music Graduate turned fashion styleist, Jo Linehan

This article is part of our CSN Music Graduate Profile Series

Jo Linehan

Year graduated from CSN: 2011

Current area of work

I am a fashion stylist whose work been featured in IMAGE Magazine, IMAGE Daily, Weirs Magazine, The Independent, U Magazine and CULT magazine. One of my most exciting projects was styling a shoot for Barneys in New York. I style shoots and organise parties for Penneys (always so much fun, they are my favourite team in the industry). I've styled  for Danielle Ryan, Umit Kutlok, Marissa Carter & Cocoa Brown, Nicky Byrne, Dublin Fringe Festival, H&M, Universal, RTE, Guinness, L'Oreal Paris, Salt Styling, Indigo & Cloth and YSL Beauté, I've worked on video content for the ROADS group and Vichy and worked as a costume and prop stylist for the Irish-made, BBC-funded kids show, Brainfreeze.

I write and edit for numerous publications. This summer I created and edited my first solo magazine for WEIRS jewellers. I writes a weekly travel column for  The Irish Times Weekend Magazine and have contributed to Forbes Travel, The Indo, Ear To The Ground Mag, Stellar, U Mag, TATLER ...

I'm the co-founder of GAFF, a new digital platform for interior-lovers. This summer we made our first TV series in collaboration with Dulux. It's a DIY show called The Good Room and is available on the RTE Player. We work with different brands all the time. This month we are curating the Christmas party for TK Maxx and Homesense.

Advice to CSN student/graduates:

I could never have imagined how my career would come to be what it is. It may seem like there are only 6 career paths to choose from but there are so many. Try to find out what excites and interests you and follow that passion. If you do, you'll never have to work again.

It is possible to make a living from what you love to do but it is a harder path and you have to be willing to listen to people tell you you are wasting your time. They are wrong.

 Learn to listen to your gut and then trust it.

Always check your ego - are you saying yes to a job or project because you're flattered or because it is of actual value to you and your career?

Never get notions - I never ask my assistants to do anything that I wouldn't do. No matter what position you are in in life when there is a job to be done just do it. No one appreciates someone who thinks they are too good to make coffee and tea.

Don't let anyone tell you something is impossible - believe me, if I can come from a small town in Mallow with no connections and end up getting emails from RTE and The Irish Times you can.

 Make lists regularly - write down everything you want to achieve and keep them somewhere safe. These are intentions and if they are meant to be and you work hard they will manifest.

Don't be greedy - there is plenty to go around and if you help people along the way and share the good things that happen for you they will come back tenfold.

To the women reading this - people will speak to you like you're a 9 year old, question you and expect more from you. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want and stand up for yourself. It's ok to be a hard ass I'm fact, nowadays I love being a bad cop when I need to be! That doesn't mean being nasty, it means being true to yourself even if that means having an awkward conversation about your pay raise.

Previous work:

See above.

Have you kept in touch with many of your classmates? Are they still working in the industry?

Yes! I meet Conor Shemeld who was a year below me here in Dublin all the time and my CSN bestie Aisling O'Riordan and I speak all the time! I'm still friends with everyone on Facebook too.

Did you find your time at CSN beneficial?

 It was the most important time in my life. I was very low in confidence and had struggled with depression when I began at the college. At CSN no it didn’t matter who you were or what you had - everyone just wanted to make music and there was a support and joy in that daily routine that was so affirming. Chris and Ursula are the best teachers I've ever had. I'll never forget their kindness, the life lessons they imparted and the incredible music they introduced me to (Gilbert O'Sullivan!!) I loved CSN because it felt like a community. I had tried a year at University and found it so impersonal and overwhelming. CSN was smaller and I felt like I wasn't just a face in the crowd. I can never thank them enough for the 3 years I was privileged to spend there. I still email the music department and have visited - I'm sure they're wondering when I'll realise I don't attend CSN anymore! Also, the scones in the canteen cannot be beat!

Jo's links:

Jo Linehan. CSN Music Course graduate turned fashion stylist
Jo Linehan

This article is part of our CSN Music Graduate Profile Series