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Gerry Horan Exhibition @ CSN

Gerry Horan exhibition at CSN Cork

We're delighted to wlcome back Gerry Horan for his first solo exhibition ‘Dark Lands’ at The Gallery CSN. Gerry is a former student of  the Art, Craft & Design and Digital Media courses. 

Dark Lands: Gerry Horan

Gallery CSN College

20th Feb – 9th March

This exhibition is a snapshot in the life of an artist beginning his journey. On display are a range of works, stemming from his beginnings in CSN College to working as a practising artist.

Gerry creates heavily textured, distressed paintings depicting dark, ruined dreamscapes, instability and forces of entropy with real and digital elements.  Materials such as clay, wire, plaster and shellac form his physical large - scale work.   

‘2016-2017 played host to a time of political and social unrest that had not been seen since the Cold War.  Calls of fascism, racism, idealism, sexism, manipulation and New World Order resound around the public social theatre has heightened our awareness of misinformation.  Tribalism and Nationalism have never been stronger forces in the world of the Western millennial.  The work operates within this speculative realm of fear, reflecting on the many ways in which geo-political and societal structures appear to be fracturing. 

The work also deals with paintings material correlation with the transformative process of alchemy; outlining stages in the development of the psyche. Both painting, and alchemy as interpreted by Carl Jung seek to transform their constituent parts, painting materials and the human psyche respectively; into something better, whole, or resolved.  In order for the process of alchemy to occur, the object seeking change must first undergo the process of the nigredo; a process in which entropy and chaos reign, breaking their ingredients into a dark unrecognisable matrix.  It is only from this matrix that real transformative change can occur.’  Gerry Horan   


2014 – 2017 Arts University Bournemouth BA Fine Art

2013 CSN College Art 2 QQI Level 6

2012 CSN College Digital Media HND


Group shows at SGC in Oxford University & Free Range, in London’s Brick Lane.


Tramore Road, Cork                                                                                                     021 - 4961020
Gerry Horan's solo show 'Darklands' @ CSN

Gerry Horan Exhibition Poster