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Student supports at CSN College of Further Education

Access & Inclusion

Welcome to Cork College of FET, Tramore Road Campus. We hope you are enjoying being a student here. 

Student Services and Support are a central part of life at Cork College of FET, Tramore Road Campus

Our support structure is made up of an integrated network of people and resources and provides information, advice and support to students.

Even though there is a large student population in the college we pride ourselves on our friendliness and high standard of support for students.

This support includes Careers and Counselling Service, Library/Resource Centre, Information Technology, etc.

To help everyone we have:

  • Study and Learning Support
  • a Disability officer
  • Career Service
  • Student services
  • Guiding and Counselling service
  • a Mature Student officer
  • a Learning Support coordinator
  • other Access & Inclusion Personnel to meet your needs (Student Council, Library, IT Support, etc.)

Links to each of these can be found under the 'Supports' link on the main menu above

Academic Support

If you think that you might need some support either for a short time or for a more extended time then please let us know as soon as possible. 

If you need support with your subjects or help with what you are learning or assignments, your course coordinator can put you in touch with us and we will connect with you to help you out.  If you choose not to take the support we offer, that’s okay but we cannot help unless you let us know what you might need. 

There is also ongoing support available every day in the library. You are welcome to drop in for a chat or if you have questions. There is a timetable of available teachers posted on the door. Further information is available on our Academic Support page.


Disability Support

If you have already had support e.g. a reader/scribe, a spelling & grammar waiver, or extra time in exams then you will need to register with our Disability officer by emailing  If you don’t let us know in the next few weeks that you will or might need support we cannot guarantee that you will get all of the support you might need. 

Once you register with our Disability officer you will receive an appointment, so we can find out what you need help with, and how much help you might need.  Please bring in any documentation you may have in relation to assessments or previous Reasonable Accommodations arrangements. You don’t have to wait until your appointment to bring in these documents.  They can be handed in to us as soon as you can.  

Medical Conditions

If you have any medical conditions that your teachers or our First Aid staff should be aware of please email with the details to

Mature Students

If you are not a school leaver, e.g. someone who did their leaving cert last year, and/or just back into education after a short or even very long break, please email telling us the type of support you might need and we will get back to you. 

Counselling or Career Guidance

If you think you might need some extra emotional support and/or career guidance, then please email  or




The information you give to us while requesting support is confidential.  By law we cannot share this information with anyone without your permission and this includes your parents (provided you are over 18yrs old), your teachers, or classmates; unless the information you disclose poses a serious health & safety threat to you and /or the other students/staff at the college. We have a legal duty of care to all of the people who use our campus.  If we need to share any of your information ideally, we would speak to you first.


Attendance here at Tramore Road Campus is your responsibility.  We do take a roll call in each class, but this is primarily for Insurance purposes.  The only exception is if you have a grant; Grants are stopped because of poor attendance.  If you miss classes, it is your responsibility to get the information you have missed.  Many of the PowerPoints teachers use are available electronically on Moodle.



You will have many assignments to submit throughout the year.  Please submit these in the format they are asked to be in and on time.  If you are late submitting your assignment you will have marks taken off.  Please look at the student Handbook on our website for information about Assignments and many other items.

We have times when the Library will be open and when there will be someone there to help you out with lots of different questions you might have.  Please go to the library (Room 103) and see the opening times posted there.

If you need any support or questions answered in relation to your course, subjects or assignments, etc., just email and we will get back to you ASAP.

We hope you have a great year here at Tramore Road Campus!