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Applications, Grants, International Students

On this page: Applicants - Grants - Equal Opportunities - Students with disabilities - International Students

Applications are actively encouraged from the following individuals:

  • Leaving Certificate school leavers (including LCVP and LCA)
  • Applicants currently unemployed (some of whom may be eligible for V.T.O.S.)
  • Adult or mature students wishing to return to education
  • Graduates seeking to upgrade their skills

Applications are invited any time up to the end of August. However, it is advisable to apply before mid-August to ensure places are still available on the course. All applicants' suitability is assessed on the merit of their application forms and by the means of a ten to fifteen minute interview. Interviews will take place in May and September depending on when you apply. All late applicants should check with the college main office as quite frequently, we have places still available on some courses in September. Applications can be made using our online application form (see above).

Catching up with recent CSN graduates
  Catching up with recent CSN graduates


Further education (PLC) students will be eligible to receive PLC maintenance grants.

For more information on these please visit (Student Universal Support Ireland).

Please note that grants are means tested.

If eligible the amount of the grant is dependent on the distance students travel from their place of residence to the college.

It is advisable for students to apply as early as possible for maintenance grants.

For details of grant applications for the coming year, see:

For further information please see


CSN College is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all students. The college actively takes steps to ensure that all staff and students are aware of and comply with all equal opportunities legislation.


Applicants with disabilities and special needs are welcomed at Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa. If prospective students have any special requirements they should get in touch with the Guidance and Counselling services at the college. Every effort will be made to assist them. Attention has been paid to the physical structure of the college by providing ramps and lifts so that access is made as easy as possible.


This college welcomes applications from eligible international students.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they meet immigration and visa requirements prior to applying for a place on a course.

Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) courses DO NOT feature on the Interim List of Eligible Programmes which lists the course for which an overseas, non-EU/EEA applicant may apply for a study visa to enter the country.

Applications from citizens of EU/EEA countries are not liable for tuition fees, however other course fees apply. To qualify for free tuition fees, you must meet criteria with regard to:

  1. Residence and
  2. Nationality and immigration status
  3. Course requirements

A.    Residence

You must have been living in an EEA member state or Switzerland for at least 3 of the 5 years before starting your course. The members of the EEA (the European Economic Area) are the member states of the EU, along with Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

B.    Nationality and Immigration

You must also fulfil one of the following 6 criteria as regards nationality and immigration status in Ireland:
You must:

  • Be a citizen of an EEA member state (see above) or Switzerland or
  • Have official refugee status or
  • Be a family member of a refugee and have been granted permission to live in the State or
  • Be a family member of an EU national and have permission to live in the State with a
    stamp “4EUFAM” on your residence card or
  • Have been granted humanitarian leave to remain in the State or
  • Have been granted permission to remain in the State by the Minister for Justice and Equality, following a determination by the Minister not to make a deportation order under Section 3 of the Immigration Act 1999.

All other international applications are subject to tuition fees of €3,653.  This is additional to the standard course charges. 

Applications from individuals in the process of seeking “leave to remain” are welcomed.  Applications from individuals in this category should note that the decision of the Irish Government to implement the EU Receptions Conditions Directive (2013/22/EU) may provide for their acceptance onto a PLC course, subject to certain conditions.

Applicants from outside of the State who are not EU/EEA citizens should note that an offer of a Post Leaving Certificate place will not entitle you to a study visa to enter the state.

C.    Students from Non-EU Countries & Currently Resident in Ireland

  • You are liable for the full course fee
  • You must produce a copy of your Passport or National Identity Card
  • You must produce a copy of your valid residence permit/Green Handbook stamped by the Gardaí.
  • The College will not engage in any communication with the visa authorities on your behalf.

D.    Spouse of an EU National

  • Where an EU National has moved from one country to another within the EU to work, no fees apply.
  • You must produce all relevant documentation to support your application.

E.    Persons Granted Leave to Stay in Ireland on Humanitarian Grounds

  • No fees apply. This includes dependent spouse and children.
  • You must produce all relevant documentation to support your application.

F. Persons seeking Asylum (Right to Work Category)

  • If you were in Ireland prior to July 26th 1999, were seeking asylum and have a letter from the Department of Justice stating that you are eligible.

G. General Information for Asylum Seekers

If you are seeking asylum in this country, then you should note that your enrolment on any course is without prejudice to your application for asylum. It cannot therefore be used in any way as a basis for seeking to stay in the country, if your application to stay is refused.

H.    Refugees

Under the terms of the Refugee Act 1996, Refugees have the same rights of access to all educational services as Irish Nationals.

Therefore, no international tuition fees apply.

You will need to produce all relevant documentation including your Registration Card.